“The Runaways” Movie News Roundup

I took a small break to take care of some real-life stuff, and I wound up being late to the party for a HECK load of news surrounding The Runaways movie. So, here’s what I missed. I’ll start with the big stuff:

1. The Runaways movie has secured distribution in both the US and Spain. Aurum acquired the Spanish rights, and Apparition acquired the US rights. Apparition will release The Runaways in the US on March 19, 2010 (one week after the release of Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me). Apparition is a new distribution company founded earlier in 2009.

2. Sundance.com released a first-look picture for the film, and announced that the film will have three showings in Park City, Utah, on January 24, 25, and 30, in addition to the one showing in Madison, Wisconsin on January 28.

Kstewfangirl has a larger version of the same picture HERE.

(More cool stuff after the jump.)

3. The Runaways will be rated R.

4. From the L.A. Times:

Music-video veteran Floria Sigismondi directed “The Runaways” and Apparition will pursue a dual marketing strategy for the film that targets the adults who remember the Jett-era and the kids who are fans of Stewart and “Twilight” (though the edgy tone and R rating  of “Runaways” could keep the ad campaign from skewing too young).

“We want to appeal to an older audience and people who can remember the scene back then as well as show younger people that this was someone who paved the way,” Berney said in an interview. “We want to make sure people know it’s not just a typical rock biopic.”

Apparition is planning on a roll-out that lies somewhere between a platform and wide release, with a Sundance premiere — and a possible Joan Jett performance in Park City, Utah — helping to launch the campaign. [Emphasis added by me.]


5.  Comingsoon.net is listing The Runaways as a “limited” release, which reflects the L.A. Times quote above. (Thanks to @KStewDevotee via Twitter for the tip.) I don’t know what Apparition is calling “limited”, but the folks at Apparition had better listen up: We NEED to see this movie in the theater. In our own home towns. I wouldn’t mind driving across town to go to an art theater instead of the mega-plex near my house, but I hope I don’t have to fly out of state to see it. #ShowPittsburghSomeLove #FeeltheheatApparition

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