Robert Pattinson says Joan Jett’s Name And I Melt

In a radio interview in the UK, Robert Pattinson says that Kristen Stewart is a really good guitar player and singer, even though she is self-conscious about it and doesn’t give herself enough credit. The interviewer starts the Kristen question at 2:12, and Rob says Joan’s name at 2:27.

Some of you may know that I am also a serious Twilight/Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson fan. (I feel like I’m twelve again, which is amazing.) I’ve been waiting for Rob to say Joan Jett’s name in an interview all year, and it has finally happened! I know this is embarrassing fan-girl stuff, but I don’t care. I am on cloud nine, and I love it!

Thanks to Robsessed for the tip!

(P.S. A PICTURE of Rob and Joan together, just hanging out at a public event, would STOP MY HEART. In a good way. Please, Santa, if you give me this for Christmas, I will make you your favorite pecan tassies, and I will spike the milk with Kahlua. We all know that sled has auto-pilot. Thank you.)

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