Hannah Marks Interviewed About “The Runaways”

Hannah Marks plays “Tammy” in The Runaways movie, who Hannah describes as “a compilation of different people” in Joan’s life.

Rebecca Murray interviewed Hannah for About.com, complete with a video. Here’s an excerpt:

Were you a fan of Joan Jett? Did you know her music?

Hannah Marks: “I didn’t really know who…I knew who she was but I wasn’t really like a hardcore fan. But I started getting really into her music, once I booked the movie. And she’s so amazing and she looks so hot for 50 years old. Oh my god.”

Does she really? I haven’t seen a picture of her in a long time.

Hannah Marks: “She was actually just in Elle magazine and she looks amazing. She was actually on set every day, which was really cool.”

(Ummmm, lady, if you haven’t seen a picture of Joan Jett in a really long time, WHY did you want to interview this girl about The Runaways?)

Watch the video and/or read the rest of the transcript HERE. (Or click the image below. The site won’t let me embed the video.) It’s a cute interview.

Click to watch video on About.com.

Hannah doesn’t specifically mention her character’s name, but it’s listed as “Tammy” on the movie’s IMDB page.

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