‘The Runaways’ to premiere at Sundance; Fan-Made Trailer

Several sources* have reported this week that The Runaways will make its world premiere at The Sundance Film Festival in January 2010 in the non-competition lineup. Kristen Stewart’s Welcome to the Rileys, filmed in 2008, is competing in the Drama category at the festival. A group of Kristen Stewart fans, Team 411, is referring to this as the “Two by Stew Sundance.” Love it!

The 2010 Sundance Film Festival will be held in Park City, UT, January 21-31, 2010.

There are rumors of a March release date for The Runaways, and Team 411 speculates that it will premiere at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas before being released everywhere else. Sounds like a good theory to me, but again, none of this has been officially announced by anyone, so nothing is set in stone.

There are hordes of people waiting to see The Runaways trailer. While we wait for the real thing, check out this fan-made trailer I found on YouTube. Maybe we can make more while we wait? If you make one or find one, post it in the comments below or email the link to born2bjetthead@gmail.com!


Video Source

*Source, Source, Source, and Source

3 thoughts on “‘The Runaways’ to premiere at Sundance; Fan-Made Trailer

  1. After I watched the fan trailer I noticed some of the other videos….and I watched them. (I lower my head in shame now as I didn’t know what they were…and yet I still watched them and so I sink further into my shame….) And I couldn’t believe what I saw. I have to admit that I really didn’t realize how completely horrible those vulture paparazzi are! (not sure I spelled it right…but oh well) The videos make it so much more real that still pictures. I think that should be illegal. Seriously people…can’t a girl get some gas in peace?! In one Kenny had to walk poor Kristin to her car because they wouldn’t leave the poor girl alone. Joan is old hat at this and could kick their ass and can handle her own so she could lend Kenny out! hahaha It’s especially horrible if she is by herself. I have an entirely new persepective and level of empathy for celebrities. I think it’s fair to expect cameras and such at a public event….awards shows, premeires, concerts, and such. But when you are doing your everyday life kind of stuff…just back the f*ck off! Ok..sorry…just had to say my peace.

    • Oh I know! Paparazzi videos make me absolutely sick. Do they have to yell and invade your personal space like that? All those flashbulbs going off in my face would make me lose my mind. I’d probably cry.

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