Joan Jett in Royal Flush Magazine: ART CONTEST!!

Royal Flush Magazine interviewed Joan in Book Six, out now:


The art by Pat Sentman is breathtaking:


The magazine is giving away a Joan Jett Gibson Melody Maker AND the chance to get your Joan Jett artwork published in the next issue of the magazine! From page 53:

All you have to do is submit your best Joan Jett illustrated portrait to Royal Flush. The winner gets his or her artwork published in the next issue of Royal Flush and a gorgeous Joan Jett model Melody Maker guitar by Gibson!

I emailed the magazine for the contest details, since I couldn’t find it mentioned on their site, and Josh Bernstein told me that they are working on creating the website containing all the contest rules and details. I’ll get the word out when they have it up. I would love for one of us Jettheads to win. You all are so talented!

The interview itself doesn’t cover new ground, but I always find Joan’s memories of her early days fascinating. It would be awesome if we could get the audio for this someday. The folks at Royal Flush have a gold mine on their hands.

The article also includes a mini-bio for Girl in a Coma on page 54.

And if you enjoy kick-ass art, snarky humor, and eclectic interviews, then you will probably enjoy the rest of the magazine too.

Royal Flush is sold across the US at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Sam Goody, Hastings,, and comic shops and newsstands.  I ordered mine directly from the website and am very pleased with their service.

Follow Royal Flush on Twitter, MySpace, and/or Facebook and tell them what you think!

4 thoughts on “Joan Jett in Royal Flush Magazine: ART CONTEST!!

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    • I don’t understand how they’re running the contest, but I do remember reading that they don’t publish that often. Book 6 was the only issue released in 2009. So, it could be a while before we hear anything.

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