Videos from the Pittsburgh Joan Jett show, 9/23/09

Here’s some videos of the Blackhearts’ show last night at the Clean Energy Jobs rally.

I Love Rock N Roll:

Do You Wanna Touch Me – She says YINZ!


More after the jump:

Do You Wanna Touch Me – Full version

Bad Reputation – Another “YINZ”! The audio gets fuzzy after that, but it’s OK:

I Hate Myself for Loving You:


And here’s a good cross-section of the speakers. Kathy Mattea sings at 6:01. For Joan, skip to the AFL-CIO guy’s speech, which starts at 7:03. At 11:51 (he was still talking) you can hear the crew tuning Joan’s guitar, and a few times after that. You can’t hear the shouts for Joan because the person that filmed this was standing in front of the speakers’ stage and not where I was (in front of the other stage). Brief footage of Joan’s set at 14:24, the last 11 seconds of the video.


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